Fascinating Horror covers the loss of the dive boat Conception

I was an annual diver with Truth Aquatics. Usually, we chartered on the Vision with Bamboo Reef out of San Francisco, CA. However, several Halloween or other lobster diving trips were often on the Conception. As such, this video was brutal for me to watch, and I can attest to FH's reports on how the boats worked, from my time aboard.

I have been diving a lot less since this happened, but the world is a bit different. Day trips out of San Pedro seem fine, but I'm in no rush to liveaboard anymore. That's a shame as the week-long Catalina trips with Truth Aquatics were very special, but now scare the hell out of me in retrospect. Horror can not describe it. While the victims were not people I knew directly, there aren't many degrees of separation between most divers in California. I still cry for them.