You can pay $1000 to block annoying noise, filter out bad air, and look silly wearing Dyson's new gadget

The Dyson Zone—the vacuum and fan company's set of noise-cancelling headphones that double as an air purifier—will be available for pre-order in March. The price is $949. From Gizmodo:

The Dyson Zone headphones… integrates the smallest 10,000 RPM electric motors the company has ever developed into each ear cup, letting the purifier on the front draw air through dual-layer filters to remove particles like pollen, bacteria, and dust, plus gases like nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and ozone. However, as Dyson has pointed out before, the Zone headphones don't create a perfect seal and are not a solution for minimizing the risk of Covid-19 exposure.

The clean air is then directed to the wearer's mouth and nose through a magnetically-attached mask that's also designed to block wind[…]

With the visor attached, the Dyson Zone is actually heavier than both the [Sony] WH-1000XM5 and [Apple] AirPods Max combined, at 670 grams. But even with the visor removed, they're still a hefty 595 grams.