Georgia State Senator threatens civil war unless charges are dismissed against Trump

Georgia State Senator Colton Moore hates the rule of law so much that he is willing to start killing people if election fraud charges against Donald Trump aren't dropped.

But, like a street gang thug threatening a local business owner to cough up protection money, Colton says he can make the "make this problem go away." Just defund the prosecution against Trump, and Colton promises he won't "draw his rifle."

Here's what the MAGA cultist told the criminally indicted host Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast:

My goodness, how many people in my district question that election? I mean, and now that we've got 19 People who are facing the rest of their life in prison because they spoke out against an election? I mean, you know, I told one senator, I said, "Listen, I said, we've got to put our heads together and figure this out. We need to be taking action right now." Because if we don't, our constituencies are going to be fighting it in the streets. Do you want a civil war? I don't want a civil war. I don't want to have to draw my rifle. I want to make this problem go away with my legislative means of doing so. And the first step to getting that done is defunding Fani Willis of any Georgia tax dollars, and hopefully representative Jordan and Representative Biggs will follow suit in Congress and strip her of her federal dollars to because she is not upholding her oath to the Constitution.