You should try these boiled peanuts

Here's an interesting holiday gift: boiled peanuts! I know I'd be excited to get them! Have you ever had boiled peanuts? Folks all over the southern United States enjoy them as a delicious snack, but even though I grew up in Louisiana, I don't remember eating them until college, when I moved to Mississippi. A friend introduced me to boiled peanuts when he took me to his hometown of Hollandale, in the Mississippi Delta. I was intrigued and after a few bites, I got used to the soft texture, and quickly fell in love with the salty flavor. Now I seek them out whenever I go back to the south (the photo I'm including are some boiled peanuts in Georgia that I ate when I visited a few months ago).

Now you don't have to go south to find boiled peanuts – they will come to you! A family-owned company from South Carolina called Porter's has created a "Boil-the-Bag" kit that helps you make boiled peanuts in your own kitchen. The bag has peanuts, spices, and everything else you need–you just have to add water. They explain:

Being from the South, I was raised on boiled peanuts. They have been a snacking staple for as long as I have memories. It was quite surprising to me when I learned that these little treats are a Southern thing, and not necessarily loved the whole world over! I started boiling my peanuts in a bag years ago. With as much as we boil peanuts in my family, I started making up little "kits" that I could throw in the crock pot. I'd simply pull one out the night before, and have delicious peanuts by game time the next day! Once my friends saw how simple it was (just add water), they started asking me to make bags for them to take home. What was simply my way of boiling peanuts has evolved into Porter's Boil-The-Bag Peanuts! We're family owned and operated out of Gilbert, SC and can't wait to send a bag or two, or four (or more) your way!

Just Add Water…

It really is that simple! Each bag contains peanuts and a unique blend of seasonings that is ready to cook upon arrival. Better yet….you cook them right in the bag! Just drop the entire, unopened, bag into a slow cooker, stock pot, or Instant Pot and come back when it's peanut snacking time!

The kits feature red Valencia peanuts and come in lots of different flavors – Cajun, garlic and onion, buffalo wing, and original. Each bag yields 3.5 pounds, and you can make them in an Instapot or slow cooker, or on a stove top. Here's a short video explaining and demonstrating it all.

I promise I have nothing to do with this company, I'm just trying to share the deliciousness of boiled peanuts! If you want to know more about boiled peanuts, here's a brief history.