Primitive Technology: Making a cane water filtration system

Ever since John Plant of Primitive Technology has gotten back from his video hiatus, viewers have been grumbling that he's redoing a lot of the same projects. This one is new. And cool. It's a water siphon and filtration system using forest cane. As John says in the description:

MIT engineers have already proven that pine branches can be used as water filters as the thin membranes connecting the straw-like xylem filter out 99% of bacteria such as E.coli which make water unsafe to drink. Taking this concept, I used a type of cane in the forest and bent them into hook shapes, tying them in place with vine. Then I put dirty water into a raised pot and siphoned clean water from it into a lower collection pot. Initially some sap comes (which is also harmless to drink) out but then water flows through the stem. It does take a while for it to work but the process can be sped up by adding multiple canes working in parallel. The water that came through is clean and I was able to drink it without ill effect.