PSA: "The ATM, probably the best invention ever to exist."

During my Freshman Orientation Week at Emerson College, the school held an assembly in which all of the incoming students were required to watch the PSA you see above. Even in 2004, this thing was already painfully dated — and that's before you consider the impressively horrendous acting on display, courtesy of the Boston Police Department. At a top school for film, TV, and theatre industry hopefuls, no less!

But the greatest gem in this hilarious copaganda time capsule comes around the 6 minute mark, when Officer Friendly stands outside of the Boston Center for the Arts and, with a straight face, declares the ATM to be "probably the best invention ever to exist."

I have no idea when this video was made. But I commend my alma mater for the fact that is still shown during New Student Orientation. That's a proud tradition I can get behind.