Unconventional covid masks featured in art project

"How To Survive A Deadly Global Virus" is a series of unconventional pandemic "masks" by @maxsiedentopf. The various masks are made from a piece of lettuce strapped to the face with a rubber band, a pair of underwear draped over the head, a plastic bag, a shoe tied over the nose and mouth, a water bottle, and even a full jar of Nutella strapped over the face (genius). With the Nutella mask, you get to experience a day of aromatherapy, a delicious snack at your tongues-reach, and a germ barrier, all in one.  

From Weird Trip Club:

"How To Survive A Deadly Global Virus" by @maxsiedentopf 

The series was inspired by Pinterest images of people using everyday objects as alternatives to conventional face masks."