Martin Bullock photoshops cute nightmare hybrid creatures

Martin Bullock, a "wildlife and pet photoshopper" from British Colombia, creates "animals that don't exist" – and probably never should. Clever, cute, disturbing abominations, his photoshopped intra-species critter mashups are a side gig on top of graphic design and commercial fishing.

According to an article published in the Campbell River Mirror,

"Bullock has bright blue eyes, and a mischievous grin. He said he used to create fake movie posters with his friends' faces on them, and began the Instagram project as a lark during the pandemic.

"'Everyone was stuck at home, so I was able to reach a lot of people that probably wouldn't have been sitting around on Instagram at the time,' he said. 'People suddenly took an interest in it, and because of that I kept going.'

Since starting, Bullock said he has probably created over a thousand of the conjoined critters. Many have been custom orders fans have requested of him; often including their pets with wild creatures."

The mash-up images are inspired by everyday life. At the same time, "Bullock also created some political images when Donald Trump was in office, turning his whole cabinet into Dr. Moreau-esque monstrosities. 'That got a whole bunch of people riled up,' he said."

In addition to Willy the Dorca and Jolene Sloth pictured above, you will discover Owlopus of the Deep, a Frenchiphant, and a Juvenile Long-Tailed Koalita.