Texas senator wants to label food that contains aborted human fetuses

As per usual, another Republican is proposing a law to regulate a false crisis. This time: cannibalism.

Texas state Senator Bob Hall is in a panic, worried that food companies using additives made from aborted human fetuses don't have "clearly and conspicuously labeled" packaging. So he has spent taxpayer dollars introducing a bill that would require such labeling for the nonexistent problem.

And no, this is not a satirical Onion post.

From HuffPost:

The proposed law, authored by state Sen. Bob Hall, says food and medicine would have to be labeled if it contained or was manufactured with human fetal tissue or if it was the product of research that used such tissue. The bill defines human fetal tissue as "tissue, cells, or organs obtained from an aborted unborn child."

"Unfortunately, many Texans are unknowingly consuming products that either contain human fetal parts or were developed using human fetal parts," read a statement from Hall's office. "While some may not be bothered by this, there are many Texans with religious or moral beliefs that would oppose consumption or use of these products."

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow the sale of foods containing human tissue.

"There are no conditions under which the FDA would consider human fetal tissue to be safe or legal for human or animal consumption," an agency spokesperson told HuffPost. Obviously. But regulating fictional crises and conspiracy theories is what MAGA politicians do best.