Billy Bragg joined striking nurses in England

Labor and union activist and musician Billy Bragg continues to put his ideologies of solidarity into action. He recently, guitar in hand, joined nurses in Dorchester who are on strike for better wages and working conditions. explains:

Singer-songwriter and activist Billy Bragg has joined striking nurses on a picket line in Dorchester.

He arrived to chants of his name before launching into songs that included the lyrics "solidarity forever" and "there is power in our union."

It comes as thousands of nurses are on strike today and tomorrow at more than 55 NHS trusts in England.

This follows strike action in December and earlier this month by ambulance workers and nurses.

It has also been announced that thousands of ambulance workers and nurses will go on strike on the same day next month as the pay dispute with the Government shows no signs of reaching a resolution.

Click through to see the video. The crowd cheers as Billy walks up. He then breaks out his guitar and leads the striking nurses in a pro-union sing along.