Tinker the Robot (1966)

Tinker the Robot was created by David Weston in 1966. Weston, an inventor, could control the Robot's actions from a control panel in his garage. The robot had a 200 meter range of motion and contained over 120 electric motors as well as other features. Tinker could perform all sorts of daily tasks such as washing the car, gardening, and even taking the inventor's baby for a ride in a stroller. On top of this, Tinker is a cutie-patootie. Oh, what I would have given to have Tinker as my babysitter when I was a kid!

From Got Weird on Instagram:

"Tinker the remote-controlled robot was the work of inventor David Weston from Yorkshire in 1966. His metal friend could wash the car, take the baby for a stroll down the road, go on a shopping expedition and weed the garden. However, all of of these tasks had to be done within 200 meters of David's garage, where he controlled Tinker through a control panel.  The robot contains 120 electronic motors, a zoom-TV camera, a memory and 29 channels for receiving signals from a gadget-filled cellar. Weston can watch the robot while it cuts the lawn, odd-jobs, runs errands and takes the baby for a walk, by a television camera installed in the roof."