Les Jones releases "Burger," an homage to /mocking of America

Watch this hilarious song called "Burger" by French comedic group "Les Jones." 1063 The Buzz explains:

These three Frenchies wrote a satirical song called "Burgers" which is supposed to be about Americans, but they're wearing cowboy hats and boots, so they're really making fun of Texans. It's like if we made fun of French people by wearing berets, but the only place people wear berets is in Paris. so, we'd actually be making fun of Paris, not France. The video is really funny because all they do is talk about things that are awesome in broken English.

Here are some lyrics from the song: "I don't want candy, I want beef, chips, ribs, and burgers. Vegan people hate me because I love cheesecakes and burgers. I'm American, so you can blame me, but I will not eat in your gourmet restaurant. The only French food I love is fried."

I have to admit, I find it kind of catchy, in a ridiculous sort of way. And my favorite line is: "Nachos, tacos, peanut butter, ice cream, bacon, cheddar, fried cheddar… Baby I just love the taste of the chicken wings." I mean, they pretty much nailed America, right? Enjoy!