Did you take this newly-found photo of a UFO that the UK Ministry of Defence didn't want published?

In 1990, a fellow snapped this image of a UFO in the sky above Cairngorms National Park near Perth, Scotland. The story goes that the man and his friend watched a Royal Air Force Jet approach the UFO which eventually flew away. The two gave the photo to the Daily Record newspaper who apparently turned it over to the UK Ministry of Defence. It was never published and became the stuff of legend. Last year though, retired RAF office Craig Lindsay—who served as the liaison with the media—admitted that he had secreted a copy away in his desk drawer. Now that the photo has been seen by the public, people want to talk with the man who snapped the astonishing image. From Unexplained Mysteries:

… A team of UFO researchers led by Dr David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University has been attempting to track down the individual who took the original photograph.

"On the back of the original photo we acquired last year is the name of the photographer, but we have not released this information into the public domain," said researcher Matthew Illsley.

Whether this individual will even be able to recall any further details, however, remains to be seen.