How to create a good pseudonymous persona

Meet James K. Robinson. He's 39 years old and works as an airport tower controller in Philadelphia. He's not real, but it took just 2 minutes to create his persona using Fake Name Generator and This Person Does Not Exist.

Derek Sivers explains how to create the perfect pseudonymous persona:

So for real anonymity, don't create a mystery. Create a believable persona. Then nobody will wonder.

If you don't want any attention, just pick a very common name like Mary Kim or Adam Johnson.

Use an AI face generator to create a completely believable face to match your new name. Download it once and use it everywhere. Run it through face aging software to use this same persona for the rest of your life.

Pick a city and say it's your location, to avoid that question too.

For email, is great, and doesn't care who you are.

Create social media profiles with your new name, email, city, and face.