Check out this 3D latte art

You may have encountered some clever smoothie art, but have you seen the 2-D and 3-D latte art from Tokyo-based artists Kohei Matsuno and Runa Kato?

Reissue coffee house is pouring up incredible 2D and 3D latte art. The staff are trained in this unique art form, and customers can make special requests.

Briana Fox-Priest, writing for Sprudge, "the world's most popular coffee publication," highlights the talent, craft, and imagination that Kato brings to the coffee table:

With a steady hand and keen eye, Kato is able to recreate characters in latte form with a special latte art pen — a thin metal tool, a couple of spoons, and often chocolate sauce to create lines and fine details. Her work speaks for itself, but when you take notice of her attention to detail in linework, shading, and the use of space beyond the canvas to add lengthier details, you realize just how skilled and passionate Kato is. From anime and game characters to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and NFL teams, Kato's work easily stands out thanks to her impeccable craftsmanship and years of experimentation and practice. Her latest creation is latte art you can interact with, where you can poke, wiggle, and manipulate the 3D characters to move without them breaking down right away.

Another coffee-friend artist, Kohei Matsuno, creates unique portraits and still life as part of the Reissue collective of latte painters and sculptors.