What will be revealed at the Elden Ring anniversary livestream set for Feb. 25?

Recently, Bandai Namco — the publisher of most FromSoftware games, all the way back to the first Dark Soulsannounced that a special livestream to celebrate the anniversary of Elden Ring's release is slated to be held later this month.

So far, they've been characteristically tight-lipped about what said livestream will actually entail (save for a few PvP battles between streamers), but there's one thing every player is holding their breath for. I am, of course, referring to DLC. Every major FromSoftware release (save for Demon's Souls, sadly) has received one or multiple large-scale expansions, which often end up becoming the most beloved parts of their respective games — and Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Elden Ring, even seemed to hint at it during his Game of the Year acceptance speech.

Surely, this would be the ideal venue to announce such a thing — or maybe we'll all go home crushed and hopeless, just like every FromSoft protagonist thus far.