Teenage Engineering Field Desk

What better to put your $249 anodized aluminum Teenage Engineering computer-1 PC case under than its new Field Desk? The $1599 item is built using an aluminum rail system for legs, support and modular extension. There is a side tray depicted in the press images, but it doesn't appear to be on sale—the literature suggests making your own creations to go with the rail system.

our lightweight desk is constructed from recycled aluminum rails and assembled with double-sided formica birch plywood. our official workspace, and now it's yours too. …

field desk is made from only what's needed and nothing it doesn't. all rails and clamps are produced by scandinavian manufacturer Hydro, using their engineering grade, 75% recycled aluminum. the desktop is crafted from double-sided formica birch plywood, so if the surface appears worn over time, it can be turned over for a fresh look.lightweight and modular, field desk arrives flat-packed to build in place, simple to assemble and disassemble.

made to adapt to your needs as your tasks and work environment change, field desk can be combined with accessories, like the custom storage tray and tape holder (available soon), or you can latch on your own creations using m5 screws.