ABUS replaced a lost key very quickly

I am happy to report that ABUS' key recovery system worked exactly as advertised. Make sure you keep the card someplace easy to find.

I rely on this giant honking chain lock, the ABUS Granit Extreme Plus 59, to secure both my electronic bike and my motorcycle. It is a monster and videos show it'll take several minutes to pick under the best circumstances, so I feel pretty good about other people not finding my bikes "the easiest" to steal wherever I've chosen to park.

Now I had the other "spare" key that come with the lock, and groaned at the idea of finding a locksmith that had these key blanks in stock. I then remembered the handy ABUS card with the key's serial number that promised easy replacement. I had smartly put the card away in my watchmaker's apothecary. I also knew that if I used the lock with only one key in my possession I'd lose it instantly and then, being forced to leave my bike someplace overnight, lose half the components. Searching 18 of the 46 drawers in the apothecary, I found the hard plastic card, was able to log on and ordered two replacement keys.

The keys showed up less than a week later and work perfectly.

Here is the LPL working on the same core:

ABUS Granit Extreme Plus 59 Chain Lock (12mm X 140cm) via Amazon