Woman escapes alleged kidnapper by running barefoot into NJ gas station and locking the door (video)

A woman who says she was kidnapped nearly a year ago escaped by running into a New Jersey gas station and locking the door behind her. She had fled from a nearby house, where she had been held captive, wearing only shorts and a T-shirt in 42 degree weather. (See gas station security footage, supplied by station owner Bobby Madaan and posted by NJ.com, below).

The assailant tried to follow her in, but left when he realized the door was locked, only to return a bit later on a bicycle. According to CNN, James W. Parrillo Jr., 57 was arrested later that day, charged with kidnapping.

From CNN:

The owner of the gas station, Bobby Madaan, told CNN the woman rushed into his business on February 7, and he heard screaming and yelling from his office. She ran inside the store and locked the door behind her. …

"She was shaken up – she was crying," Madaan said. "She told us she'd been kidnapped for around a year."

The woman had marks on her neck and was wearing shorts and a thin shirt without any shoes, Madaan told CNN, adding the woman had told him she began plotting her escape after she saw a deadbolt on the gas station door during a previous visit. The woman had planned on escaping from her kidnapper by running to the gas station and locking herself inside when she had the opportunity, Madaan said.

A customer gave the woman a spare pair of his wife's shoes, and they found a jacket for her while waiting for police to arrive, Madaan said.

After reassuring the woman she was safe, Madaan said the two called police.