Man collapsed from heart attack at Vegas blackjack table yet dealer continued the game

David Jagolinzer was playing blackjack at the Wynn Las Vegas casino when he went into cardiac arrest and his collapsed onto the table. What did the dealer do? Apparently, the dealer "continued to deal cards to another player at the table and continued to play blackjack," according to a lawsuit Jagolinzer's family filed following his death some months later that they attribute to the 20 minute delay in getting him any treatment. From 8 News Now:

Lawyers for Jagolinzer's family state sleeping or "[becoming unconscious] at gaming tables is a violation of Nevada gaming law and employees "should have known" to intervene, documents said.

A new dealer then arrived and "made remarks that [Jagolinzer] exhibited discoloration in his skin and appeared to not be breathing," the lawsuit said.

About 20 minutes after Jagolinzer initially became unconscious, Wynn employees then attempted to render him aid with a defibrillator, documents said. The lawsuit alleges the employees were not trained to use the machine, which attempts to restart a person's heart.

Paramedics arrived 26 minutes after Jagolinzer's collapse on the table, the lawsuit said. He suffered severe brain damage from lack of medical attention, lawyers said.