National Jenga Tournament in New York has a $10,000 prize

The National Blocking Association is an organization for "slightly unstable" people who are fascinated by the wooden block removal game, Jenga. It's hosting its 2023 Jenga Tournament at the fabulous TWA Hotel at JFK this weekend (Feb 25, 2023).

Blockers do it better! Find out why as the National Blocking Association holds New York City's most epic Jenga tournament on February 25 at the landmark TWA Hotel at JFK Airport. Teams will battle for a $10,000 top prize and major bragging rights. Who will level up? Who will block away a champion? Whose sneeze will topple dreams? You'll have to wait and see!

Competitors ages 10 and up will wiggle, tap and precariously balance their way through a series of gravity-defying battles. The final showdowns for blocking glory will take place under the soaring ceilings of the TWA Hotel's iconic Sunken Lounge. (Hopefully, the rumble of a passing airplane won't teeter anyone's tower!) The winning team will take home $10,000 while the runner up bags $2,500. The third-place team gets $1,000 and fourth place nabs $500. That's a lot of blocks!

The entry fee is $65 per "team." A team can be a solo player gunning to take the top prize all for themselves, or a group of two to four players total. And, you're encouraged to create a team theme! Our top pick will walk away with a Limited Edition TWA Classic Jenga set.

All are invited to enjoy and observe the spectacle for free! Spectators can also try their (shaky) hands at fun challenges like Block Against the Clock (speed stacking) and the Fuzzy Fingers Challenge (playing Jenga with gloves). Of course, there will also be merch! Once the winners are announced, everyone is invited to a block party in the Sunken Lounge.

I wrote about my stay at the TWA Hotel in a recent issue of my newsletter, The Magnet.