Joe Biden: "I've been Skinamarinked and I'm scared"

Here's another hilarious creation by Zach Silberberg. This time it's Joe Biden who gets the deepfake treatment. Silberberg has placed Joe Biden in the Skinamarink house. We see a dark shadowy room. And we hear Joe Biden say, "I'm trapped in a house, the one from Skinamarink. That's right, I'm in the Skinamarink house. No doors, no windows, no toilet, either. I've been Skinamarinked and I'm scared." Watch the rest to see if he escapes!

What's this all about? Skinamarink is a recent horror film that Mashable calls an "abstract horror gem."  Mashable explains:

Skinamarink is really an experimental art film done up in Paranormal Activityclothing. It has more in common with David Lynch's bizarre "Rabbits"(Opens in a new tab) short film series than it does the campy mainstream slays of the kid-centered horror hit M3GAN. Heck, it makes the acclaimed so-called "elevated horror" canon of the last decade — movies like The WitchMidsommar, and Get Out — seem like very special episodes of a Chuck Lorre sitcom in comparison. 

I haven't yet seen it, but I'm a huge horror fan, and this one sounds terrific. Mashable states that the film "weaponizes our collective unconsciousness and turns it into a nightmare," and further explains that Skinamarink:

…Totally and entirely wants to terrify us. Skinamarink wants us to become children trapped in our beds again. It wants the very concept of the dark to be foreign, filled with questions and strangeness and terror. Forcing us back to when we were little and we didn't know more than what was right in front of us, when what lay beyond our hallway or, God forbid, our front door might as well be the edge of the flat earth, falling off into nothingness.

What's not to love? I can't wait to see the film, and in the meantime, I sure hope Biden gets out of the Skinamarink house and lives to tell the tale!