Elden Ring DLC Announced

This is not a drill, Tarnished. After an underwhelming anniversary livestream failed to bring any major news, Elden Ring instead took to Twitter to announce an upcoming expansion. Shadow of the Erdtree may be little more than a teaser image and a title right now, but even that is giving fans plenty to salivate over. Already, the theorycrafting machine is hard at work – the teaser image seems to depict the demigod Miquella, who you may remember from the base game as being trapped in a cocoon by his creepy uncle Mohg, riding the player's steed through a field while a decidedly fucked-up looking tree looms in the background. Is this the Haligtree the base game constantly referenced? Is it a giant Deathroot? Is the DLC going to involve time travel to encounter Miquella at his prime, or will it involve restoring him to his former glory instead? Only time will tell – and unfortunately, FromSoft did not see fit to provide us with a release date, so it may be quite a long time indeed.