Trespassing woman and companion arrested after trying to teach kids a lesson

In a bizarre incident, a woman and her companion broke into a house to confront a group of kids who had allegedly flipped them off. The situation quickly escalated when the woman assaulted one of the kids and made racist remarks.

The whole incident was captured on video by one of the kids, who later posted it online. The video quickly went viral, and the woman and her companion were soon arrested for trespassing.

But the story doesn't end there. The kid later received a text message from the gentleman who accompanied the woman, in which he tried to justify their actions. According to him, they were only trying to teach the kids a valuable lesson about the consequences of flipping off the wrong person:

So we decided to confront them not to hurt them in anyway, but to protect them because you never know who you're going to flip off and we wanted to make it clear to them that if they flip off the wrong person there could be consequences, it's a crazy world we live in, our lawyer looked at their original video before they edited it, and looked at our original video and shook his head because he couldn't believe that we were being charged these ridiculous charges!

Instead of showing the kids the importance of treating others with respect, they showed them that it's okay to break into someone's house and assault a child if you're upset. That's not a lesson that anyone should be teaching, and it's certainly not a lesson that anyone should be learning.

The video of the incident quickly went viral, and it wasn't long before the woman and her companion were arrested for their actions. They now face charges of trespassing and assault, and it's likely that they'll be facing serious consequences for their behavior.

If there's any lesson to be learned here, it's this: breaking into someone's house to teach them a lesson is a lesson not to break into someone's house to teach them a lesson.


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