Talking to a D&D executive producer about their Open Game License debacle

Bob, from the TTRPG channel, Bob the World Builder, was chosen by Wizards of the Coast as one of the YouTubers to sit down with to openly talk about the recent leak of their planned de,authorization of the Open Game License and its ugly aftermath.

The OGL is a legal contract allowing game designers to use game mechanics and other elements of Dungeons & Dragons in their products without fear of copyright infringement. Created by WotC in 2000, the OGL has help foster a flourishing of D&D compatible and adjacent products. Its removal or radical changes to it would have threatened lots of game producers, many of them small press publishers. After a huge public outcry, WotC/Hasbro was forced to walk back the plan.

Bob conducted an over-hour-long interview with D&D Executive Producer Kyle Brink. In the above video, he presents the salient moments from the interview and offers his commentary.

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