Watch this delightful short film about a Chinese immigrant in Ireland

Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom is a 2003 short film written and directed by Daniel O'Hara, that's best for the fact that it's filmed mostly in the Irish language. But don't worry, it's quite accessible, even without the subtitles (though they'll certainly help). It's a touching story about a Chinese man named Yu Ming who gets bored of his life at home and decides to move to a random place on the globe — and his little game of chance ends up landing him in the Republic of Ireland. Yu Ming thoughtfully decides to prepare for his trip by learning the local language, not realizing that, while Irish is technically one of the national languages of Ireland, it's hard to find a Gaeilgeoir in Dublin. (Thanks colonialism!) But don't worry; this sweet little film has a happy ending. And who knows, maybe you'll learn a cúpla focal yourself along the way.