Irish national carrier's annual Blessing of the Planes

It's been an unnerving time to be an airline passenger, especially on a Boeing in a window seat. We don't have the golden parachutes that the Boeing execs are getting! But there is one airline that might have a slight safety edge. The Irish Independent reports that Ireland's Aer Lingus will be going ahead with their annual Blessing of the Planes.

Since 1947, a priest has been allowed onto the tarmac to bless the aircraft, but this year, new security protocols put the tradition at risk. The article doesn't state the concerns — Over 4 ounces of holy water? Crucifix that could be used as a weapon? 

Luckily Father Des Doyle, who is the chaplain of the airport Catholic Church, has gotten his security clearance. Kenny Jacobs, CEO of the Dublin Airport Authority approves of the ongoing tradition, and is open to expanding it.

"Safety is paramount in the aviation industry and Fr Des's security clearance has enabled him to support the spiritual needs of Dublin Airport employees and passengers for many years….

"We welcome people from all faiths and all walks of life to the airport and are committed to supporting all groups that wish to express their faith here."

It may be time to update the famous old saying, "There are no atheists in foxholes…or flying economy."