Cop's sniper rifle dropped off four story building onto sidewalk during St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York

Buffalo police internal affairs are investigating how an officer's sniper rifle fell off the roof of a four story building where he was perched during the city's St. Patrick's Day Parade. Apparently the sniper was stationed in an "overwatch position" which is protocol during mass gatherings. Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia says a gust of wind likely blew the weapon off the roof. From WGRZ:

"It's not that it was physically being handled, it wasn't dropped," Gramaglia said.

"I have to wait for the internal investigation to play out. But the early reports that I'm being advised on is it was secured on the tripod with a weighted bag, which is their protocol."

The rifle fell within feet of parade spectators and was rapidly secured by another officer and removed from the scene. Experts say it didn't pose any immediate risk to the public.

"These weapons are not something like a handgun or something where you could just pick it up and the average person would know how to utilize it," said Jeff Rinaldo, retired Buffalo Police captain.