McDonald's Black Friday oopsy tweet

McDonald's accidentally tweeted this late Thursday night:

While the internet was having a field day deciding if the tweet was intentional or not, McDonald's copped up to the boo-boo with this tweet nine hours later:


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Bus ruins Weather Channel's livestream of Georgia Dome implosion

On Monday, the Weather Channel was live-streaming the planned implosion of the Georgia Dome for a full 40 minutes before a bus pulled up in front of their camera, completely blocking their shot at the exact wrong moment. Oops! Read the rest

Unfortunate tattoos: Kevin Spacey edition

Someone should get a large tattoo that says "Don't get tattoos of living celebrities unless you have the money for a cover-up." Behold, a gallery of suddenly recontextualized ink: Read the rest

Another truck rips its roof off on the infamous 11foot8bridge

A train trestle in Gregson St. in Durham, NC has a clearance of 11' 8". Despite the warning signs and flashing lights advertising the lower-than-normal clearance, trucks collide with the trestle often enough that an enterprising person has set up a video camera to catch every spectacular collision. The latest incident, which happened on 10/14/2017, is a doozy. Read the rest

Reminder: train slipstreams can suck baby strollers onto the tracks

Set the brake on your baby carriage, wheelchair, or wheeled luggage if you plan to take your hands off it. Don't want this to happen. Luckily, this one was empty. Read the rest

Baseball fan's expression changes from excitement to shame when he realizes he scooped up a ball in play

A baseball fan wearing a glove leaned out and scooped up a ball that was still in play. He was very excited about his trophy, but when it became clear that he'd screwed up in a big way, his mood changed to confusion followed by cowed embarrassment. Read the rest

That probably hurt

Of all the ways a Saarinen knock-off chair Magis Bombo stool could fail, this ranks among the worst.

[via Bits and Pieces] Read the rest

Fellow tries to stop train from plowing into a limousine

A stretch limousine got high-centered on a railway crossing. As luck would have it, a train was barreling down the tracks. The driver got out the car and waved his handkerchief a couple of times before realizing it wasn't going to achieve the desired effect, so he got out of the way and let momentum and do its work. Read the rest

Guy saves skateboard from falling in water, ends up falling into it

On a rainy day, a girl fell off her skateboard, and the skateboard started to roll toward the water. A guy on a bike (holding an umbrella!) saved the board, but ended up going over the edge himself. It looks like it was quite a drop. I hope he's OK!

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I'll just dip my bike in the water to clean it. What could go wrong?

Let me clean my bike in this shallow pond.

What's worse than a dirty bike? Not having a bike. Read the rest

Oops! United flight attendant accidentally posted cockpit door codes

The Wall Street Journal reports that human error is still a factor in potential cockpit door breaches. Read the rest

A giant crane lifting an aqueduct section tips over

On Tuesday, a crane carrying a concrete aqueduct section tipped over. The driver was able to jump out of the cab in the nick of time. The accident is followed by cries of astonished disappointment.

If you find this as sickly fascinating as I do, here are 40 minutes of crane and heavy construction fails (turn off the volume to avoid the atrocious music): Read the rest

Photographer shoots wrong couple's marriage proposal

A perfect storm of factors led to photographer Jacob Peters shooting the wrong marriage proposal at a remote romantic overlook. Read the rest

This $300,000 Air Force One photo caused a panic in 2009

Here's a great backstory on the shot of Air Force One that cost a guy his job after commissioning an unannounced low-altitude flight around lower Manhattan. Read the rest

That big Amazon S3 outage was caused by a typo, company admits

On Monday, many websites, news services, publishing platforms, and other internet-connected things that use Amazons AWS platform went dark. The cause can finally be revealed.

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Washington Post's symbolic Women's March on Washington error

While it's symbolic that Washington Post Express put the Women's March on Washington on their cover, the cover itself was symbolic for all the wrong reasons. Ouch. Read the rest

Here’s what happens when you email your teacher right after wisdom teeth surgery

College student Abby Jo Hamele shared this amazing email she sent to her philosophy TA while she was still loopy from the hydrocodone from her wisdom surgery:

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