Don't park your Hyundai or Kia SUV inside or it could burn down the building

Hyundai and Kia have recalled 571,000 SUVs and minivans for a repair and warn owners to "park their vehicles outside and away from structures until the remedy is completed." Why? Because if you park in your garage, you risk burning down your house. Apparently water can seep into a circuit board on a towing hitch, cause an electrical short, and spark a fire. Even if the car is off.

Fortunately, there have been reports of just one fire and "five heat damage incidents."

From the AP:

Hyundai and Kia aren't the only car brands that have been affected by recalls over fire hazards. Early last year, Ford had to recall about 139,000 SUVs because the engines of those cars could potentially catch on fire, even when the ignition was turned off. 

That issue was caused by a printed circuit board that was susceptible to a short. 

Similar to the new recall, Ford also told customers to park their cars outside until they could get a replacement.