Twitter blocks more than a hundred accounts, including journalists, poets and members of parliament, to please government of India

Samriddhi Sakunia reports that Twitter has blocked more accounts on the platform to please the government of India. Journalists and authors are among those silenced–a censorship that the company no longer resists under its new management.

The blocked Twitter accounts include those belonging to journalists Pieter Friedrich, Sandeep Singh, Kamaldeep Singh Brar, and Gagandeep Singh; Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh and poet Rupi Kaur; and pro-Khalistan member of parliament Simranjit Singh Mann. A number of these accounts, which include prominent Sikh voices in the diaspora, were putting out credible information amid the current turmoil in Punjab. 

It's important to remember that Elon and co. aren't hypocrites, they're liars. Sure, you can "have both," but posing them as hypocrites accepts the liar's frame of reference and assumes good faith in an original position ("free speech") that was never sincerely held by them.