Baby born in Michigan Costco parking lot

A baby was born in a Costco parking lot in Livingston County, Michigan on Saturday, March 25. MLive news provides some details:

The fire department and Livingston County EMS arrived around 1:30 p.m. to the baby being born and assisted with delivery, officials said, adding there were no complications during delivery.

Husband and wife were on their way to a hospital but pulled over into the parking lot at 6700 Whitmore Lake Rd. because delivery was "imminent," officials said. Mother and baby were transported in an ambulance to a nearby hospital shortly after.

If you can't get to a hospital, there are definitely worse places for a (routine, uncomplicated) emergency birth. I mean, Costco has lot of things you'd need for a routine birth—pain killers, fresh towels, pillows, baby wipes, bandages, ice, and lots more. I can only hope they named the baby Kirkland!