Pluto the American Bully enjoys delicious cupcakes for his 6th birthday

Oh, to be one of Marissa Monteleone's dogs—they are treated like royalty, as all animals should be! Marissa runs an Instagram called "MyDogsDope," highlighting her two dogs—Pluto, who is an American Bully, and Astro, who is a German Shepherd—and the amazing raw whole foods she serves them. One of my favorite videos on the page features the cupcakes Marissa made for Pluto's sixth birthday. The cupcakes have simple and nutritious ingredients: bananas, eggs (with the shell), honey, plain Greek yogurt, peanut butter, freshly ground oat flour, water, and olive oil. They are topped with a frosting made from Greek yogurt and peanut butter, with a blueberry on top. The best part of the video is watching Pluto's face as he watches all of the ingredients going into the mixing bowl—of course he has to taste test everything as it goes in. And of course, the finished cupcakes are a smashing success, as both Pluto and Astro gobble them up. YUM!