These are the world's deepest fish ever filmed and caught (video)

Researchers have captured on film and caught the world's deepest fish—species of snailfish. A research ship from the Minderoo-University of Western Australia Deep Sea Research Centre found the animals swimming at depths of eight kilometers (approx 5 miles) down in the undersea trenches around Japan. The film, below, shows an unknown species of snailfish. The photo above shows two Pseudoliparis belyaevi snailfish that were the first fish to be collected from depths greater than 8,000m and have only ever been seen at a depth of 7,703m in 2008," according to UWA.

"The Japanese trenches were incredible places to explore; they are so rich in life, even all the way at the bottom," says chief scientist Alan Jamieson. "We have spent over 15 years researching these deep snailfish; there is so much more to them than simply the depth, but the maximum depth they can survive is truly astonishing."