Ingenious animatronics: Danny Huynh's toy-inspired creations are delightful feats of engineering

Danny Huynh Creations shoehorns a metric shit-ton of life into incredibly detailed remote-controlled projects that meld motion, sound, and action into pure unadulterated fun. When it comes to animatronics, some creators use hyper-realistic effects bordering on the uncanny valley, but Danny Huynh's approach leans into the toy origin aspects like visible action figure joints and enhances them with subtle kinesthetic mimicry that makes my inner child squee from the delight overload. Take for instance the Batass Nova, where Batman leans and turns his head while cranking the steering wheel in one hand and a shift knob in the other. The simulated big cam loping idle and wide open throttle engine sounds, plus exhaust noises timed with user inputs evoke an IRL Toy Story feel.

There's a scene in Amélie, where Raymond Dufayel discusses the difficulty encountered in his many replicas of Pierre-Auguste Renoir's painting "Luncheon of the Boating Party", stating that it's the hands that are the most difficult to properly execute; and to me, it's the subtle details captured in the hands, posture, and motion of Danny Huynh's creations that completes the effect, evoking a feeling similar to when Keith says "And I'll form the head" as Voltron comes to life before bumping fists together and unsheathing its sword.

Blower Head is another reoccurring character on Danny Huynh's channel, that has evolved over the past year with increasing levels of intricacy:

What better way to put these creations to use than to animate a music video like Children's Story by Slick Rick below: