This camping tent fits three people comfortably and it's under $30!

TL;DR: The Pop-A-Shade Tent, which provides comfortable shelter for up to three people on your camping trips, usually costs $79, but you can buy it now for just $27.99!

There are so many adventures to be had this spring and summer — and it's much easier to embark on them when you have a comfortable place to sleep wherever you go. With a quality tent, you can camp on the beach, in the woods, by the lake, or wherever! 

good tent doesn't have to be expensive, either. While the Pop-A-Shade 3-Person Tent is valued at $79, right now, it's on sale for only $27.99. That's a cozy shelter for three people for under $30!

This particular tent has plenty to offer, no matter where your camping ground of choice is. It's designed to be taken on the go, with a lightweight and easy-to-carry construction. It's also simple to assemble—just pop it open. The tent may be large enough to house three people comfortably, but you definitely don't need three people to set it up!

The Pop-A-Shade can withstand all kinds of weather, boasting tent is water, wind, and sun protection. But don't worry — it's still breathable, as it has a sun roof to let in light and air when it's gorgeous out.

However, it's not just the weather that this tent is designed to combat. You can say goodbye to unwelcome neighbors creeping in, aka bugs. It has built-in insect netting that keeps out mosquitos and other critters that are the bane of most campers' existences!

And while the Pop-A-Shade is a must-have for any camping trip, this tent can be used for more than just experiencing the outdoors. It's also a great place to sleep if you're at a festival or overnight event and can even be a comfortable source of shade when you're sizzling at the beach. There are so many ways you can put this spacious tent to use!

Give yourself a second home of sorts for all your trips, beach days, and other outings.

Get the Pop-A-Shade 3-Person Tent for just $27.99 for a limited time.

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