Did you know that Helga and her family almost got a "Hey, Arnold!" spin-off

In the 90s, Nickelodeon decided to create a brand for its diverse array of original cartoons. Referring to their animated offerings as Nick Toons, Nickelodeon forged a unique identity within the rapidly expanding field of children's television content. Although one could argue that Cartoon Network shows were both more sophisticated and mature, Nickelodeon was no slouch when it came to crafting intricately layered cartoons that could appeal to adults and children. There are a few shows that embody Nick's ability to craft content that is aimed at two demographics as well as Hey, Arnold!

Some of the most frequently uttered observations by lapsed fans of Hey, Arnold! who return to the series as adults are how grounded and realistic the characters and episodes appear in retrospect. In the video linked above, you can learn how Nickelodeon hoped to expand on Hey! Arnold's nuanced storytelling with a spin-off series focused on Helga Pataki and her family.