"Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League" delayed again

Rocksteady seems to have gotten the hint. After the initial deep-dive of their upcoming live-service Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, all bedecked with battle passes and six kinds of premium currency, was met with significant backlash, they've retreated to their own Fortress of Solitude, emerging only to announce another delay. The game has been pushed back almost an entire year after a May 2023 release date became a "sometime this year" release window, and will now be dropping in February of next year.

Will it be enough time to strip the exploitative mechanics from the game, or will they leave them as is and focus more on mechanical polish for the weightless, samey combat? Either way, it's apparently crunch time for Rocksteady – whether or not they'll be able to make anything of it remains to be seen in 2024.