"Crew" specializing in catalytic converter thefts busted after stealing 470 of them

Police in Massachusetts arrested seven men this weekend and charged them with running a catalytic converter theft ring covering much of the state and New Hampshire too. The angle-ground revenues top $2m, say prosecutors. At a press conference announcing the bust, several hacked-off catalytic converters were placed handsomely on a display table draped in black velour, like prizes in a horrid post-apocalyptic gameshow.

[suspect] Davila allegedly maintained "meticulous" notes detailing targets, the number of catalytic converters stolen, and where the purloined car parts were dropped off, the U.S. Attorney's Office said. Torres allegedly acted as a middle-man, accumulating stolen catalytic converters and selling them to scrap dealers in the Northeast. 

Investigators believe there may be a "significant" number of additional thefts that were not identified or reported to law enforcement, according to the release.