Dance group has perfected the art of tutting

I recently discovered this awesome dance group from Italy called Urban Theory. They specialize in a form of movement called "tutting."  In an interview with Arts Help, they describe what they do:

TUTTING is our specialty, a discipline characterized by the creation of optical illusion and figure using hands, arms, and more. 

Arts Help provides this overview of the group:

Urban Theory is making waves in the online world of dance for their Tutting style dancing and fascinating use of illusion. Based in Italy, the dance group has gone viral on multiple platforms, including Instagram and Tiktok, for their mesmerizing choreography. The group met while studying dance together, eventually forming the Urban Theory Dance group in 2016 under a love of Tutting.

I find their work absolutely entrancing – take a look! To see more, check them out on YouTube or TikTok.