Trailer Park Boys potato chips and Gettin Learnt with Ricky

You may remember from Season 2, Episode 43 of The Trailer Park Boys: Park After Dark series, "The Sunnyvale Snack Company." In this offering, "The Boys are making their own potato chips. Ricky's at the (mostly not on fire) fryer, flavour scientist Bubbles is perfecting the dirtiest of dirty burger flavours, and 'Julian Musk' is hustling for a buyer – but can he do a deal?"

Well, though they did not announce the scrumptious potato product with a Superbowl commercial, fans, and hungry critics will be happy to know that the Trailer Park Boys recently posted about the availability of their snack chips – in select areas. At this point, like the logic in Ricky's thoughts, the chips may be hard to find.

"Get your mitts on our scrump-dilly Trailer Park Boys chips before Ricky eats the lot! Fries 'n' Ketchup, Dill Picknle and Dressed All Over are selling like hot potatoes."

Richard "Ricky" LaFleur, not Gervais, was always one of the more creative chefs on the sitcom scene. Check out "Gettin Learnt with Ricky," where he roasts a chicken with a hot glue gun in a mailbox, and teaches you with his "self-smarted" skills how to make a grilled cheese (sammich) without a kitchen. You can now get some of that nutritional and culinary goodness in a bag.

Ricky also sings a little for his new educational series, "Schools, they can f*** off. And teachers can s*** my c***. I'm drunk and I'm high, and this is Gettin Learnt with Ricky."

If you do not live in Ontario near Ingersoll Independent Grocer, Belleville McDowell's Independent Grocer, Hansen's Independent Grocer in Exeter, Bullock's Independent Grocer in Huntsville, or another local store, Ricky has some advice, "Not available at your local store? Ask 'em to order TPB chips in now! #tpbchips."

Though the TPB handle is down now "because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram's community guidelines." Stay posted. Bizzare Snax had them in stock, but they have sold out.

For those interested in turning their garage, backyard, or local park into a kitchen, check out "Power Tool Food Prep."

Given the importance of the "kitchen" to Ricky's exitdimensional (not a typo) worldview, Episode 1 of the Trailer Park Boys podcast offers some tasty morsels of wisdom and wit, "Welcome to Ricky's Kitchen," first aired in 2016, "Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles discuss Donald Trump, Ricky's solution to the California drought, and how many minutes there are in 30 minutes. We also find out who has a crush on Hulk Hogan, and why Ricky wants a horse."