Now Marjorie Taylor Greene asserts Biden is involved in sex trafficking and money laundering

Georgia's foul-mouthed, slandering US Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene is at it again. Interviewed on a dubious straight-to-streaming video outlet, Greene claims to have seen some evidence while rummaging through the US Treasury Department that leads her to believe President Biden, or someone in his family, is involved in money laundering and sex trafficking.

Greene's leadership position amongst the Republican-led Congress gives her some leeway in bullshit investigations, but it seems unlikely anyone is investigating this outside of GQP wingnut circles. Greene's slander and attacks are not even that creative any longer; remember the good old days of Jewish Space Lasers? This is just banging on a tired old drum.

Crooks & Liars:

Marge jumped on the sick bandwagon and made it dirtier.

Bolling asked her if any Biden family members will be called to testify.

Well, if I have anything to do with it, absolutely, they will be called up to testify and some of their business associates that help them with what appears to be money laundering.

What also concerns me is what I saw in financial records when I went to the Treasury Department, Eric, with what appears to be human sex trafficking.

These are the type of crimes that we are looking into or potential crimes.

I'm pretty convinced they're crimes, though.