School staff charged after 7-year-old special ed boy forced to eat own vomit

A teacher and a classroom assistant at Brown Elementary School in Brownsburg, Indiana, were charged with neglect after forcing a 7-year-old boy with special needs to eat his own vomit. Three more staffers at the school were also charged with failing to report the incident.

According to the Brownsburg Police Department, Seymour advised a 7-year-old Life Skills student that, if he vomited, he would have to eat whatever he threw up. The child, on a tray provided by Taylor, indeed vomited, at which point Kanipe provided the child with a spoon. Seymour and Kanipe stood on either side while the boy ate a portion of the vomit, police said. The child then used paper towels to clean up what remained. Mitchell and King witnessed what happened.

A statement from the local school board says they're firing the two and the others are suspended.

On Monday, April 17, we shared with Brown Elementary families and staff that BCSC had moved forward with termination for two staff members after learning of the mistreatment of a life skills student in their care at lunch. BCSC has been notified that these two staff members will be charged by the Hendricks County Prosecutor. Two other staff members are also being charged for their roles in failing to report the incident. More details are forthcoming from the Brownsburg Police Department (BPD).

As BPD releases more information about this incident, please know that the BCSC family will continue to be steadfast in our commitment to Brownsburg students, their safety, and their well-being.  This horrendous action is not in line with the character of staff and teachers at Brownsburg Schools. The shocking actions of a few does not define the care and concern that Brownsburg teachers and staff show every day.