Dollar Tree's working conditions condemned

Labor violations, short staffing, long hours, low pay, limited job security, and corporate denials of wrong-doing or liability are just some of the characteristics workers for Dollar Tree report are rampant in the corporation.

This video from @bigwormin provides visual evidence of "parts of working as the only recovery person at Dollar Tree for a year that altered my brain."

As reported by Daily Dot, "Working at Dollar Tree is a guaranteed OSHA violation." As is happening in many industries, workers for Dollar Tree are coming together to see how they can protect themselves and keep their jobs. They are also careful to clarify they are organizing but not unionizing. Given the resurgence of the Pinkerton agents and their historical and contemporary roles in union busting, the distinction is important, yet may not dissuade the anti-union logics of corporate capitalism.

It can be anticipated that @bigwormin might face backlash from Dollar Tree, if they are still working there for posting this video. Maybe this is why politicians want to ban TikTok.