Watch: Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 audition for Motown in 1968

In 1968, a 9-year-old Michael Jackson and his brothers auditioned for Motown Records in Detroit, which led to the group's signing. Although Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. was not present, other executives, including producer Hank Cosby, were impressed with the Jacksons' talent. (via @liberianmike)

Detroit Free Press:

"I can recall the look in his eyes when he came home and told me about the audition. He was absolutely blown out the water, just amazed," recalls his widow, Pat Cosby. "I've always remembered his exact words: 'I have no doubt that these kids are going to cover the world.'"

Jackson and his brothers went on to cut two dozen Top 40 hits for the label, with "I Want You Back" leading four No. 1 hits out of the gate.

Amazingly, footage exists of the Jackson boys' fateful audition that July in 1968: