Satellite image reveals China's secret military blimp

Satellite imaging company BlackSky Technology released that is likely a secret military blimp on an airstrip at China's Korla East Test Site. The blimp is approximately 100-feet-long, compared to the 900-foot airship hangar nearby. From CNN:

Oklahoma Aerospace Institute executive director Jamey Jacobs said a blimp like this could be used as a "submarine of the skies," and that it appears to have dedicated propulsion and navigation capabilities, which would allow it to loiter over an area for an extended period.

A senior Defense Department official declined to comment on what threats the blimp represents in China's arsenal but said since it's visible, the Pentagon would be aware.

"You can expect because it's available via satellite imagery that we're tracking the object," the official said.

The CIA declined a request for comment. The National Security Council did not respond to a request.

image: BlackSky press release