Philadelphia Cream Cheese exploits tax loophole with new bagel

New York Freakin' City, baby. The Big Apple! Bagels may be a New York City Icon, right up there with the Yankees, but did you know that they're subject to a special tax? The broad tax applies to all prepared foods in New York City – and once a bagel gets sliced and smeared in cream cheese, it technically falls under that label. Apparently in protest of this tax, Philadelphia Cream Cheese (the generic stuff you probably buy as default at the store) has created the Tax Free Bagel, a hollowed-out bagel stuffed with cream cheese that deftly sidesteps the prepared food criteria. Corporate tax dodging has never been so delicious! I'd love to grab one, but they were sadly a limited run sold only in New York City, and no bagel is worth a cross-country plane trip to me.