Hotel guest thought he had smelly feet but the stink's source was something much worse

A guest at Lhasa, Tibet's Guzang Shuhua Inn thought his feet were particularly stinky. The guest, only identified as Mr. Zhang, left the room for dinner but when he returned, the stench had gotten so bad that he knew he couldn't be the source. Thinking it was possibly coming from the hotel restaurant or an issue in the heating duct, he requested a new room. Turns out, the stink was emanating from a corpse under the bed. Police took a DNA sample but "told him not to worry because they had already arrested someone as part of their investigation, according to the BBC News:

Mr Zhang posted a review of his stay online, but it didn't attract much attention until another user shared a screengrab of the review on social media on 28 April. The hotel responded to this post, denying the incident altogether.

Mr Zhang then shared his experience on Weibo, and included a receipt as evidence of his stay. This drew the attention of local media, who soon contacted him for an interview.

"I am very scared and I am still struggling to sleep," he told Shangyou News in an interview on 30 April[…]

Mr Zhang said he had been reluctant to publicise his experience, but was forced to because of the hotel's denial and accusations on social media that he had made up the incident.