Most of Marjorie Taylor Greene's donors come from out of state

Marjorie Taylor Greene is blowing through donor's money, spending 1.5 million US dollars in the first quarter of 2023 while only raising 600 thousand. Unsurprisingly the folks paying for MTG aren't the ones voting for her, as most of her donations come from outside her district.

Greene is the current GOP's loudest voice spreading crazy conspiracy theories and has made herself so valuable to Speaker Kevin McCarthy to have curried special favor several times. Greene's "Jewish Space Lasers" and imaginative "Gazpacho Police" inventions have done nothing to slow her rise in the party of stupidity.

While Georgians are voting for Greene, they aren't paying her bills.

Rome News-Tribune:

The vast majority of her donations this year are from outside her district — which covers all of Floyd, Chattooga, Polk, Gordon, Walker, Catoosa, Dade, Murray, Paulding and Whitfield counties and a small section of Cobb.

In-district donations came from 6 individuals, in Cohutta, $250; Rome, $150; Ellijay, $150; Dalton, $150; Dahlonega, $600; and Shannon, $1,000.

Greene's top 5 donor states were Arizona, $17,300; Texas, $14,251; Georgia, $13,179; Florida, $12,209; and California, $9,550, according to her April filing.