Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day

Saturday May 6, is Free Comic Book Day. You can go to any participating comic book shop and get certain free comic books supplied by various publishers.

Use this link to check for a participating comic book shop near you. And use this link to see what comic books will be given out, categorized by age appropriateness. I'm happy to report that, as usual, there are plenty of all-ages comics.

I've found that each comic book shop will have its own rules about which comics and how many will be given out, so if that matters to you, you could check with your local shop to find out. And I recommend going early, because they tend to run out, at least around my home in New York City.

I have fond memories of going to Free Comic Book Day with my kids when they were little. How thrilling for them to leave the shop with armfuls of familiar, but also strange and new, comics. (I'd always let them buy some comics too, in fairness to the shop.)